Who Made my Jewellery? Meet Eleni of Chase Fate

I’m a self taught jewellery maker and designer, and first began my label CHASE FATE 4 years ago. My biggest design inspiration would definitely be semiprecious stones, their colours, textures and beautiful natural inclusions. Just magic! …Deep down I also feel like I should actually be a singer, but alas, the talent Gods didn’t provide me with that skill. meh – it’s all about the passion right??

I recently sat down with the other Team Leaders and we thought we should share a little bit more about what makes us tick and find out WHO is behind the brands….

…here’s some quick-fire questions I asked Eleni of Chase Fate.

FAV podcast? Late Night with Seth Meyers Podcast and LOVETT or LEAVE IT

Why do you hand make? It’s expressive, it’s relaxing, it’s rewarding.

Favourite thing about running your own business? I can take naps whenever I like!

Biggest inspiration? Travel – in particularly my time spent in Greece

Fav coffee shop in Sydney / or fav shop? Kinokuniya – nothing beats their design & architecture sections plus there’s a Black Star Pastry there too!

What handmade means to you? Made from the heart.

Song that motivates you the most? I could NEVER pick 1 song … I have about a tonne of playlists that I listen to depending on my mood! I’ve always got music playing!

Best piece if advice you can give to other makers? Be true to yourself. Avoid comparing yourself to others – it’s a trap!

Where do you get your inspiration from? Travel definitely inspires me, in particular the landscapes, architecture and design styles that you experience in different countries. Also, the gemstones themselves heavily inspire my designs. It could be the look, the feel, the colour and a design will pop into my head.

Each carefully constructed piece of jewellery is designed and handmade with love, and joy, and lots of coffee! CHASE FATE pieces include, earrings, necklaces & bracelets, with designs varying in lengths, and style, from statement pieces to more wearable, day-to-day designs.


Compiled by Lauren of Ayana Jewellery

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