Who Made my Jewellery? Meet Lauren of Ayana Jewellery

Hi, I’m Lauren, owner, designer and maker of Ayana Jewellery. Originally from New Zealand, I now live and work in my home studio in Pyrmont, Sydney with my husband (marketing & design guru) Vincent and my trusty studio assistants, “Mia” and “Miles” the cats!

I recently sat down with the other Team Leaders and we thought we should share a little bit more about what makes us tick and find out WHO is behind the brands….

…here’s some quick-fire questions I asked Lauren of Ayana Jewellery.

FAV podcast?Crappy to Happy – best episode “Escape The Cult of Busy”… everyone should listen to this!

Why do you hand make? I just love to create things. There’s nothing quite like making an idea that is floating around in your head into something that you can physically touch and in the case of jewellery wear.

Favourite thing about running your own business? Being accountable to only ME! It makes you work harder to reach goals.

Fav coffee shop in Sydney / or fav shop? Clementines in Pyrmont – best coffee!!

What handmade means to you? Handmade means love to me. I know when i’m buying handmade i’m buying an item that someone has spent time and effort on and that each item is unique and a labour of love.

Best piece if advice you can give to other makers? Do what you love, because if you love it, someone else will love it too!


Ayana Jewellery creates affordable, high-quality jewellery with a timeless twist for discerning men and women looking for minimal, Australian handcrafted pieces to express their unique style. Lauren works on a “small batch” model, handcrafting the jewellery in small runs from her home studio in Pyrmont, Sydney. Ayana aims to pass on the savings of working at home to their clients, ensuring their pieces are affordable and accessible to all.