Who Made my Jewellery? Meet Teresa of AU REVOIR LES FILLES

I studied Fashion Design in Paris, and love all things French…. croissants, Diptyque, that Parisian je ne sais quoi chic. I worked in the Australian fashion industry for over 10 years, designing for iconic brands like Manning Cartell, Sass & Bide and Charlie Brown. My childhood was filled with books and film, and I grew up being inspired by the vintage beauty of jewellery pieces passed through my family. I launched my jewellery label AU REVOIR LES FILLES so that I can share my love of heirlooms and design with the world.

I recently sat down with the other Team Leaders and we thought we should share a little bit more about what makes us tick and find out WHO is behind the brands….

…here’s some quick-fire questions I asked Teresa of AU REVOIR LES FILLES.

Favourite thing about running your own business? Meeting other business owners who never fail to inspire me. Its been invaluable learning from them, and great having a support network where we all help each other.

Biggest inspiration? Heirloom jewellery passed down from my grandmothers and mum.

Tell us about your making process? What tools/materials/equipment do you use? I like to sketch my designs by hand, often re-drawing a piece and refining it until I’m happy with it. Then it goes to 3D Cad so I can how it looks in 3 dimension. Next a rubber mold is made and the design is cast in silver, polished and worn.

What inspires you to make/where do you get your inspiration from? Each collection starts from stories I’ve read as a child, which gives me a theme for the collection. Then I research and add visual images to this world from art, film and architecture. Once I’ve got the overall mood, I start to design, taking shapes and details from what inspires me and incorporating them into my design, sometimes fusing them with vintage jewellery that I own.

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Fav shop? Deyrolles (a taxidermy store which houses albino peacocks and stuffed animals) in Paris

Song that motivates you the most? Lana del Rey’s Young and Beautiful

Best piece if advice you can give to other makers? Design what you love, but never forget to listen to what your customers want.

What you wish you knew when you first started? I wished I was smarter about finances. Running a business is so different from being a designer, and you need to put in work on your numbers so they can tell you where to grow

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Poetic jewellery keepsakes inspired by Memento Mori and white alchemy. Worn by celebs like The Veronicas, Delta Goodrem and fashion influencers like Margaret Zhang.



Complied by Lauren of Ayana Jewellery

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