Beat those lockdown blues with Sydney Made!

Take time to check out some of these original products and take comfort in know that in treating yourself, you help to support local small businesses whilst beating those lockdown blues. 


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Shower bomb on top of a towel on a stool

Pamper yourself with these fragrant shower steamers from Mrs Nagar & Co.  Shower steamers are like bath bombs (but for the shower). The fragrance is released into the steam leaving you scented and refreshed, taking your shower from the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

Give your home a spa-like quality by burning some essential oils by Oleu Life. Their South American-Inspired range of ceramic oil burners will provide warmth and comfort to your living space. 

Make your endless cups of coffee more fancy with these precious handmade ceramic espresso cups by Blake Clay. 



Putting together one of Salty Gallery’s new jigsaws featuring iconic Sydney beaches would be a perfect mindful activity for a lockdown weekend. 

Awaken your inner artist with a Takeaway Paint Kit by Outer Island. These kits include everything you need to create a wall-ready piece of bird art, indulging non-toxic paints and a link to a video tutorial.



Nothing better than red to beat the “blues”. A simple and gorgeous wooden necklace from Dekorate.

Bring some drama to your zoom calls with a pair of ‘dangerous dangles’ by Xanadu Designs. 

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