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More about Critterarty

Critterarty is the cosy burrow of Sydney artist, Lenny Pelling and her menagerie of animals. In 2016, after discovering that an office environment is no suitable habitat to let loose quirky quokkas or slow-moving sloths, Lenny decided it was time to channel her wild side more creatively, so off to the world of full-time creative practice it was and she has never looked back.

Australian made art prints, stationery and gift items sit alongside hand-drawn pencil originals, each featuring one of Lenny’s richly detailed and terribly cheeky critters. Unearthing their secret lives in words and images, Lenny draws (boom tish!) on the real-life features and behaviours of her furred and feathered subjects but gives them a curiously human twist, blurring the line between the animal world and ours. Prints even include the critter’s origin tale (or tail) to help you get to know your new best friend.

Critterarty also offers custom artwork commissions if you would like to immortalise your fur-baby or capture the very essence your spirit creature.

But it’s not just about the warm and fuzzies we get from making art (delightful as they are). At Critterarty, we also use our art-powers for good, by walking in the paw prints of others. Every quarter, we donate some of our proceeds to charities that support animals and the environment so that we may all continue to enjoy and admire the critters around us.

Lenny is also a children’s author and illustrator with nearly 60 titles to her name including the Pen Pals Forever series for Penguin/Random House.

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