evyie 1 - Ly Yin

More about Evyie

Evyie designer Ly Dinu was raised in Sydney where she learned to sew from generations of dressmakers before her. From a very early age, making had always been at the heart of daily life. While growing up in Sydney, she learned to create all the clothes she wore. She has been sewing for as long as she can remember so starting evyie felt like the most natural progression.

Handmade from fine fabrics and imbued with a modern, effortless aesthetic. Evyie is all about quality contemporary clothing to love and live in. Evyie’s philosophy of simplicity in design is fused into every single garment made. Lovingly handcrafted in their Sydney Studio, each garment is constructed using slow manufacturing processes. Evyie is all about thoughtful design, quality craftsmanship and sustainable practices.

For Ly, creating clothing is an intimate process. She considers the entire garment lifecycle in design, how a design will be worn, where they will be worn, how they empower us, how pieces will age beautifully over time and ultimately how they will return to our mother earth. From design to pattern engineering to sampling and small scale production, evyie is guided by principles of simplicity and sustainability with a focus on minimising environmental impact.

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