Little Rowan Redhead

LittleRowanRedhead_9 - Rowan Sivyer

More about Little Rowan Redhead

Rowan Sivyer, AKA Little Rowan Redhead, is a visual artist who creates on Gadigal Land, in Sydney’s vibrant Inner West. A self-proclaimed Antipodean, Rowan acknowledges that much of her inspiration is drawn both from her native country, New Zealand, and from her adopted country Australia.

Rowan is fuelled by a creative drive that has been with her from childhood. It is the joy of making and the desire to share this passion with others that led to the creation of Little Rowan Redhead.

While a curiosity and thirst for new techniques have led Rowan down many paths – acrylics, collage, screen printing and stitching are just a few examples – the success of Little Rowan Redhead is in large part due to her enduring love of printmaking. Rowan carves or prints every day and loves everything about the process: from the intense focus required when carving to the sound of the ink being rolled out to the thrill of the final reveal!

Little Rowan Redhead has naturally evolved over time to offer not only completed artworks but also handmade stamp kits so that others can enjoy the same creative hands-on experience!

Reflecting the Gadigal Land on which she has the privilege to create, Little Rowan Redhead’s artworks are fresh, bold and colourful, often featuring Australian wildlife or botanical motifs. Her aim is Australiana without the kitsch, art that brings some colour and joy into homes, perhaps with a touch of nostalgia or even a little tongue-in-cheek.

A strong supporter of the handmade movement, nearly all of Rowan’s products are made in- house. Whether it’s her watercolour paintings and prints, her linocut prints, hand-carved stamps or her distinct range of cards and stationery, all products are in keeping with a firm commitment to the principles of small-batch production, local partnering and sustainable joyful art.

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