Melancholy Memento


More about Melancholy Memento

Melancholy Memento is inspired by femininity, mythology, melancholia and witchcraft. Based on the hand-drawing illustrations of Sydney-based artist, Mira Nurdianti.

What began as a form of therapy, Mira continued her passion of storytelling through her illustrations. This love of storytelling was inherited down from her grandmother. Mira believes that sharing stories are a way to connect with one another and through this people can become stronger. One of the major themes that are evident in her work is finding one’s identity. Most of the female characters that she illustrated seems to be lost in their thoughts. It is as if the viewer was given the invitation to witness their private moment of self-discovery.

Mira finds inspiration in the illustrative art of Aubrey Beardsley. She fell in love with the shapes of the characters and the mix between beauty and eeriness. She liked the unsettling sense of being in awe of something so terrifyingly pretty. It is unsurprising that the women that appeared in her illustrations are mostly mysterious. They live in a liminal space between reality and the shadowy realm. They are the personifications of the beauty of existence, highlighting both the light and dark aspects of life.

People can find Mira’s illustrations in the form of greeting cards, art prints, original framed art and various lifestyle goods. She believes that any inanimate object can be used as tools to conjure strength or some sort of energy. Thus the illustration itself became a talisman for the living space.

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