My Favourite Apron Co.

My Favourite Apron Co.2 - Kendall Fayle

More about My Favourite Apron Co.

My Favourite Apron Co. is a small, creative business based in Sydney which adheres to the concept of slow fashion which involves reducing the high volume of clothing which finds its way into landfill every year because of avoidable cooking, baking, cleaning, gardening or crafting stains.

Our grandparents wore aprons to keep their clothing clean as many of them didn’t have the funds or ability to run to the shops to purchase more clothing they didn’t really need. My Favourite Apron Co. wants us all to return to the days of protecting your clothing to slow down the fast fashion movement. It also wants every member of the family to wear their own apron which is why each apron is fully adjustable, machine washable, full of individuality and absolutely funky. My Favourite Apron Co. has high quality aprons as well as matching oven mitts and pot holder sets which make an awesome birthday, housewarming or foodie gift.

My Favourite Apron Co. was born during a journey to Tibet in 2013. Kendall wandered the streets of Lhasa and found she was so inspired by the beautiful yet practical nature of the Tibetan peoples’ clothing and aprons which she found to be an integral part of their daily attire that she dreamed she created My Favourite Apron Co. She aims to make us increasingly aware of our impact on the planet via our fast-fashion-loving ways. Reducing the amount of unnecessary clothing bought only to replace soiled clothing needs to be addressed and wearing gorgeous aprons is the start of this process.

Kendall came home from her long journey, bought a new sewing machine, a pattern for the most practical apron she could find, loads of gorgeous medium-weight, 100% cotton fabric as well as fabulous recycled cotton, vintage buttons and tea towels and My Favourite Apron Co. was born.

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