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More about Spice Zen

The Spice Zen journey began when Preeti was diagnosed with coeliac disease and multiple food allergies. Unable to find answers in western medicine, she turned to her Indian heritage. Unfortunately, she discovered that few brands manufactured products with complete ingredients information or compatible with her health standards.

On a mission to provide clean, nutritious and tasty products to Australians, Preeti and her husband Aditya quit their flashy corporate jobs for something more. And thus, Spice Zen was born. Their business pays homage to the ancient cultural practices and marries them with modern science.

Today the Spice Zen range includes
• Premium herbs & spices – the finest herbs and spices are sourced from around the world
• Artisanal spice mixes – Over 40 blends from Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, North African, American cuisines, including herb blends & baking blends. Recipes are available online to cook with the spice mixes
• Loose leaf teas – Over 40 teas including exquisite caffeine teas from around the world and hand blended tea and herbal tea blends
• Cold-pressed, extra virgin nut & seed oils – first cold-pressed as nature intended, pressed in small batches
• Australia native products – spice mixes, teas, freeze dried fruit powders
• Rice couscous, rice semolina and low-fat nut and seed flours

All products are Certified Organic (except Australian natives) and hand made in Sydney. The spice mixes, rice products, flours and Australian native products are gluten-free and endorsed by Coeliac Australia.

Everything they do is at the service of their mission – from light-blocked packaging, to hand-roasted and stoneground spices to preserve the micronutrients whilst never compromising on flavour.

Explore the Spice Zen range and be transported to the spice markets of India & Morocco or the tea gardens of Darjeeling in Himalayan India. You will find heavenly aromas, delectable flavours and convenient products that support healthy living with utmost care.

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