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More about Studio Evo

Studio Evo strives to provide unique, contemporary and high quality jewellery that is made in sterling silver.
It is our mission to share our unique style with those who love jewellery.  Additionally, we hope our collections inspire individuals to have the confidence to both express themselves and to reveal their beauty to the world.

All designs are inspired by nature and objects surrounding us. This season has 5 new collections : The wave, The Free Line Shapes, The branch, The Gold Bubble and The Textured Knot.
These have all been developed based on our popular Bubble series which has attracted the most customers from the start of our business.
All Evo jewellery is made with an emphasis on natural concepts and so we aim to increase the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) related to the natural environment.
Currently, the company makes an effort to reduce the amount of silver thrown away by using recycled silver and redesigning the customers’ existing jewelry.

All pieces are hand crafted in Sydney home studio using traditional tools and methods like Torch, Soldering, Metal Clay, Wax carving and Casting. Every piece is made with the utmost care and love. Each jewellery piece is made by hand thus every item is slightly different or is one of a kind.

Our brand provides a limited quantity of hand crafted jewellery to create a unique and rare experience for our customers at a reasonable price.
The life time warrantee is also an incredible benefit which gives our customers confidence in our products.

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