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“Vickie Liu is the Sydney-based artist behind ‘Studio KaKa Art’. She loves to paint vibrant artworks inspired by the beauty of nature, especially Australian natives and florals. Her background in design and architecture has influenced her appreciation of composition, details and colour – she loves bringing a sense of depth and space in all the pieces she creates.

You’ll usually find her at the flower markets, painting landscapes outdoors, exploring the botanical gardens or on bushwalks. She gathers her inspiration for still life paintings while outdoors and brings them back into her home studio where she creates her artworks – a foraged branch, photo references for painting, or flowers from the local growers.

With each artwork, she loves to focus on what drew her to the subject in the first place – sometimes it’s the scent of the flower, their quirky floral shapes, or the way the sunlight hits the vase (which seems to open up the room with dancing light and colour)! Her creative process involves developing these ideas further with compositional pencil sketches before committing paint to canvas. Each artwork is created using acrylic paints on stretched canvas, gouache or watercolour on paper.

Her love of nature is reflected in her detailed work and she aims to capture its wild beauty through paint and to share that joy with you.

You can bring a little colour and joy into your home with one of Vickie’s artworks. They are available as original paintings and illustrations as well as a collection of fine art prints, greeting cards and Australiana gifts (floral tea towels and handmade totes). All products are made in Vickie’s studio or produced locally in Australia.

If you’re looking for a bespoke gift, Vickie also paints commissions. Simply get in touch via the links above if you’d like a custom artwork or to find out more about the process.

The name ‘Studio KaKa’ is based on Vickie’s Chinese name, KaKa.

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