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More about The Bird Photographer

Angela Robertson-Buchanan is an award-winning nature photographer, published children’s’ author and a passionate wildlife advocate, specialising in bird rehabilitation.
She is best known for her up-close macro portraits and progression series, featuring birds that have rescue stories or are an ambassador for their species.

Angela combines her interest in wildlife preservation and photography by creating projects and exhibitions where she can convey a conservation message and support wildlife organisations by donating prints or a percentage of her sales.

Angela’s photographic techniques aligns with her respect for nature and ethics. Angela doesn’t have a studio and doesn’t like to use flash. Instead she relies on natural light, meaning she has spent many hours in aviaries or in the field to get “that” shot.

Angela also uses a macro lens with her portraits, which requires her to get quite close to the bird, also using a very shallow depth of field which adds to the difficulty of getting the focus “spot on”.
Angela says that this technique requires a lot of patience, as birds don’t stay still, but the results are worth it, she feels this intimacy reveals the personality of the bird.

Angela’s newest creations are children’s height charts, track your little’s one’s height against Bonny the Rainbow Lorikeet, Sid the Galah or Steve the Magpie. Following yours and their growth progression. A truly unique and Australia made keepsake as well as locally made with sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging.

Angela’s published children’s books are written from a unique perspective as she has either hand raised the birds/animals she writes about or has supervised another wildlife carer.

The aim of her books is to give an insight into the care and rehabilitation of our native wildlife, who in these troubling times need all the help they can get. She hopes to inspire the next generation of wildlife warriors.
All sales from Angela’s prints, cards and books goes straight back into her wildlife rescue work. Angela shares her home with a menagerie of birds, which include cockatoos, galahs, corellas and various little birds.

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