Who Made my Illustrations? Meet Yiscah of Yiscah’s Pencil Box

“I’m a multi disciplined illustrator, obsessive overalls wearer and creator of Yiscahs Pencil Box. My style expresses my love of life and my hope to brighten up the world around me. It captures the imagination and gives it flight in ways that words often can’t.”

I recently sat down with the other Team Leaders and we thought we should share a little bit more about what makes us tick and find out WHO is behind the brands….

…here’s some quick-fire questions I asked Yiscah of Yiscah’s Pencil Box Illustration & Design.

FAV podcast? At the moment I have really been enjoying “This American Life”, “Serial” & “My Teachers Pet”. I love listening to peoples stories and something that is completely different to the work I am creating.

Why do you hand make? I couldn’t imagine a life without creating.

Favourite thing about running your own business? Wearing overalls EVERYDAY!

Biggest inspiration? The world around me

Fav coffee shop in Sydney / or fav shop? Roastville (in Marrickville) and The Shop (in Bondi). I am a massive coffee snob!

What handmade means to you? Made from the soul

Song that motivates you the most? ooft it’s changes depending on my mood or what I need motivation with. Clearly I have a hard time at picking one thing!

Best piece if advice you can give to other makers? Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t try to make something because you think it’s trendy or popular. Create what you believe in, create what you love.

Tell us about your making process? What tools/materials/equipment do you use? This changes depending on the work – I do commercial work, commissions, custom invitations as well as sell art prints. So the making process can vary. But in general, I start of with rough sketches, refine them, and create a final artwork based off this. My main tools are watercolours, brushes all shapes and sizes, paper (of cors) and lots of blades and scalpels for cutting.

I specialise in whimsical watercolour illustrations, paper cut art and bespoke stationary for special occasions. It’s perfect for anyone who is young at heart and not afraid to dream big. Yiscah’s Pencil Box offers hand-crafted watercolour and papercut illustrations, fine-art prints and murals.



Complied by Lauren of Ayana Jewellery

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