Ayana Jewellery

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More about Ayana Jewellery

Ayana Jewellery creates affordable, high-quality jewellery with a timeless twist for discerning men and women looking for minimal, Australian handcrafted pieces to express their unique style.

Lauren and Vincent met in London back in 2012 and soon after settled in Sydney, where Ayana Jewellery was reborn. Lauren, a qualified silversmith, is the designer and maker behind the brand, handmaking each piece of jewellery from start to finish. Vincent, with his marketing background, supports Ayana with branding, product development and web design expertise.

Lauren works on a “small batch” model, handcrafting the jewellery in small runs from her home studio in Mascot, Sydney. Ayana aims to pass on the savings of working at home to their clients, ensuring their pieces are affordable and accessible to all.

Ayana’s minimalist designs include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, stacking rings and a popular range of mini stud earrings for women. We are currently developing a new range for men including cuff-links, bracelets and tie clips.

Ayana Jewellery strives for ethical, environmentally friendly and locally sourced wherever possible.

We also run boutique workshops from our home studio. With 3-5 students in each session, everyone is able to get hands on and learn real silver-smithing techniques. The students are able to wear their own creations straight out of the studio. We will also be offering workshop rental space to jewellery hobbyist to work and learn alongside Lauren in our studio.

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