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Oria Studio is a handmade jewellery label created by Sylvia in 2016. All the work takes place in her home studio in Sydney. Initially, a passion project born from seeking jewellery that was different, she creates structural, timeless and unique jewellery pieces that elevate even the simplest of outfits.

Combining polymer clay with a variety of metals, leather, rope and cord, she creates an elegant balance between the different materials. Most of the pieces are designed to be interchangeable, giving you options for whatever the day brings.

Having grown up between Athens and Sydney brings a fresh perspective to Oria Studio designs, inspired by the effortless beauty of European summers and the vast allure and versatility of the Australian landscape. Colours will always be easy, inspired by nature and deep jewel tones. The common thread is simplicity and sophistication, with a creative spin.

Sylvia has a background in fashion and graphic design, along with many other twists and turns in her career. Jewellery making, however, has always been in her life, as she grew up in her father’s goldsmith studio. Watching the gold melt and be formed into breathtaking creations are memories she cherishes deeply. Seeing her customers find the perfect piece for them is a full-circle experience that brings her immense joy.

The Oria muse is feminine, yet bold, and enjoys the creative side of life. Every piece is designed to be a subtle statement that can be worn every day, focusing on quality and versatility.

[Ó.ria] is the Greek word for limits. A reminder to push barriers, follow your heart and always make some time for your passions.

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