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More about BYRNT Ceramics

Ruth Byrne is the maker behind BYRNT Ceramics. She is originally from Orange in Central Western NSW and now lives and works in Sydney. Her journey with clay started at the young age of 14. Ruth studied Ceramics at the ANU School of Art in Canberra and Teaching at UTS in Sydney. After several years of teaching high school art, including two years in the UK, Ruth side stepped into her current role as part time visual arts technical assistant/ceramics tutor.

Ruth’s work is influenced by her experience with pottery in Japan, China and her home landscape in Australia. In particular the ritual nature of pottery, in tea ceremonies in Japan and large communal meals in China and at home in Australia.

Clay is such a process driven material. Ruth enjoys exploring and demonstrating the nature of clay at its various stages. The makers ‘spiral’ mark on the inside of the pots, and the facets on the outside. The undulating rims reminiscent of the rolling hills of the Orange region.
Most of Ruth’s ceramics start as wheel thrown vessels, which she then facets at the leather hard stage. She experiments with glaze and surface treatment to add to the tactile nature of the work.

Ruth’s product range is extensive. Some signature products in the BYRNT Ceramics range include ‘The Latte cup’ and ‘The Espresso Cup’ the perfect addition to your coffee ritual. ‘The Ramen Bowl’ with built in chopsticks rest. ‘The Salt Dish’ and ‘The Oil Dish’ are firm favourites and have been seen in the pages of gourmet traveller magazine.

There is something special about the moment between a person and a cup of tea in their favourite cup or a meal in their favourite bowl. For Ruth this is the most important part of her work, once it is out of her hands and being loved and enjoyed by its new owner.

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