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Elisa Bartels’ ceramics is an alternative to all the bright coloured wonky ceramics which have gained prominence. Her black fired work is sexy, sublime and well suited to an audience who is looking for contemporary, sexy and sophisticated homewares and vases.

Elisa studied ceramics at Sydney College of the Arts and then worked for a local potter who helped develop her ceramic and business skills. All her work is personally hand crafted in her Sydney Studio.

Her homewares range is constantly evolving with different shaped vases and objects such as bud vases and serving platters. There is a constant exploration of new decorative techniques such as etching and mixing different oxides for colour variation.

Elisa’s ceramics are made using both slip casting and hand building techniques. Products are made from Australian mid fire clay.

After a first firing for durability, each piece is wrapped in leaves, feathers and horsehair and placed in a tin with sawdust and sealed. During the firing, the clay body opens and the smoke from burning sawdust is absorbed. The leaves on the surface act as a resist. Once the work cools the smoke is trapped within the clay resulting in a spectrum of finishes from black to grey with imprints of leaves.

All pieces are sealed making them food safe and dishwasher friendly. However, they prefer a gentle human touch.

Elisa accepts both commissions and wholesale orders.

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