CHASE FATE _3 - Eleni Petrakis

More about CHASE FATE

While living & travelling through Greece, Eleni’s vision of CHASE FATE was born.

She found herself completely absorbed by her surroundings.
Mesmerised by the vivid turquoise blues of the Aegean, crisp white facades of Santorini, the rough, and the jagged landscape juxtaposed against the clean lines & curves of geometric architecture in her grandmother’s village.

It is those moments that drive & inspire her designs when creating new pieces. Eleni explains, “When people see & wear my designs, I really want them to feel as though they, even just for a second, are far away on a relaxing holiday or on an exotic adventure.”

When it comes to design objectives, Eleni aims to create jewellery that is trans-seasonal, can be worn and loved by women of all ages, and is completely unique to any other jewellery label out there.

Each piece from design to creation is thoughtfully done, including hand selecting & carefully choosing every single bead that she uses in each piece of jewellery. Every piece is individually handmade by Eleni and packaged with care from her home-based Sydney design studio.

When Eleni is working on the direction of a new range, she draws on 2 key elements.
One, to celebrate the character of natural stones & materials through their beautiful imperfections & colours. The second, centred on form & composition, based on clean lines, and organic shapes.

By fusing these design elements together she is able to showcase the raw beauty of stones in a modern, luxe aesthetic which is unique to her brand.

CHASE FATE designs combine the unique characteristics of raw, natural materials with delicate chains and semiprecious stones to create stunning, eye catching designs that will stand the test of time.

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