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MO RESIN 8 - Olivier Mesrobian

More about Mo Resin

Mo was born in Paris where he prepared for “Les Beaux Arts” Academy. On a trip to Sydney in 2005, Mo experienced the annual event Sculptures by the Sea and was heartened by the movement of space and freedom to work in the natural environment compelled him to settle in Sydney where he proudly became an Australian citizen in 2011.

His fascination for the female form, curves and lines and the effects of light upon them led him to explore all the curvilinear possibilities offered by resin, furthermore the way that gold and silver leaf can be concealed within it. Using this process he has now been making his unique collection of jewellery for the last 10 years.

Epoxy resin is not an easy material to work with; one must consider a myriad of rudiments, the perfect mix, temperature, humidity, not to mention the capricious tendencies of Dutch Gold leaf. Nevertheless, Mo found a way to insert parts of his painting, creating ART YOU CAN WEAR collections.

Since 2015, the concept of Mo’s Shared Dreaming collections is to capture the spirit of Aboriginal paintings and transform them into beautiful wearable pieces of jewellery, a wonderful opportunity to spread the Aboriginal Culture around the world. 10% royalties is paid to the artists on each sale of their collection.

Mo Resin is and will always remain a small business, with an ethically approach to production whereby quality outweighs quantity.

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