Our Festive Puds

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More about Our Festive Puds

‘Our Festive Puds‘ is a home grown business, started by Carmel Meade and Vicki Bellero, two friends who love to bake; busy mums, who wanted to work together doing something they both love.

Vicki and Carmel bring their passion for cooking and Christmas to the business, along with Vicki’s chefs qualifications. This passion and expertise is evident in their products. Carmel and Vicki also bring with them people and management skills from a variety of fields, including catering and IT.

Their first season of baking was for a bit of fun and to bring some extra money in for Christmas. They had fun together and enjoyed cooking, wrapping and selling the cakes and puddings. After the thrill of several months of this and reaching their goal, they discussed the possibility of a cottage business… and so Our Festive Puds was born.

Our Festive Puds use their families’ traditional European recipes to produce delicious handmade Christmas cakes and puddings.
These signature Christmas cakes and puds are fresh and full of festive flavour!

What’s in the mix? Nothing your Grandma wouldn’t recognise: Natural, additive free ingredients combined with authentic cooking methods to create a delicious nostalgic taste of the festive season.
Our Festive Puds believe a festive cake or pudding, made by hand with the true taste of home, is a sumptuous experience to celebrate and enjoy. The addition of figs to OFP puddings produces aromatic, sweet tasting, light and “moreish” puds.

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