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More about twice designs

twice designs is all about recontextualising vintage and antique objects into something beautiful for your home or office. With a product range that includes original vintage advertisements, maps and games, twice designs is about making you smile, remember and enjoy.

twice designs has a large collection of vintage maps including atlas pages, tourist guides, urban plans & topographical maps. Some are sold framed while others are presented in archival-quality mounts, ready for framing.

twice designs specialises in finding affordable mid-20th century advertising, especially European examples, which have a strong design aesthetic and make for engaging and stylish wall decor.
twice designs also creates a range of quirky cards and posters.

twice designs is the work of Sarah Barnett, a writer, editor and historian. She has a deep affection for historical ephemera and the paraphernalia that informs our understanding of social history. She is passionate about vintage design and illustration and convinced that these connections to the past can delight and entertain us. She is fascinated by provenance and context. It is not just the objects themselves, but their role, purpose and what they can tell use about those who have lived before us.

twice designs is about second chances – recycling, recontextualising and relishing the incidental beauty of all manner of vintage design.

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