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Enjoyillustration_8 - Enjoy Su

More about Enjoy Illustration Art

Enjoy Illustration Art provides a whimsical, inspiring, and heartwarming style of watercolour paintings of animals, plants, and landscapes of Australia. All works are lovingly created by Sydney based artist Enjoy Su.

As a travel enthusiast, with a passion for exploring Australia, Enjoy is forever seeking inspiration from our spectacular natural sceneries, and wild animals to help create her vividly colourful pieces.

She uses her unique white-dot painting style within her watercolour creations to candidly express her experiences, messages and ideas of warmth to her audience.

Her exquisite artistic and aesthetic taste and dedication to premium qualities are reflected in her array of products such as Greeting Cards, Art Prints, Bookmarks, Notebooks, Tote Bags, and more.

Enjoy believes sharing ideas through artworks is a more effective way of communication, as colors and shapes are a more universal language. Through her playful and uplifting style of art, Happiness, Friendship, Love, and Peace with nature can be easily perceived. Her signature characters, a little girl and her dearest friend, Dim Bao (a little cow-like character with long ears) play leading roles in her art series, themed around traveling. Through this series of artworks, Enjoy wants to share a friendly message that we always need a friend and companion in our life, regardless of them being real or imaginary.

Enjoy’s mission is to share wonderful messages of joy through her art, and bring comfort to others when they need it most, each painting filled with energy that can last forever.

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