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More about Charlie Parkers Hound Wear

Charlie Parker’s, home of the waxed cotton coat for your hound. Hand made in Sydney, we design sighthound coats that are made to last. Whether in the country or the city, a Charlie Parker’s coat will see you through many seasons to come. Our Whippets, Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds love to be the best dressed in the park!

Charlie Parkers’ founder Kelly was raised in Yorkshire, England, where her love for sewing classic British styles began. In 2009 Kelly moved to Sydney, Australia and made her home with her whippet Charlie. During Charlie’s first winter, Kelly quickly learned sight hounds are not lovers of getting wet. When Kelly started her search for an elegant and high quality coat for Charlie she couldn’t find one, Kelly was inspired to combine her love for fashion and sewing to create her own. This was the beginning of Charlie Parkers’ Hound Wear!

Charlie Parkers has British Elegance and Durability, all the fabrics used for Charlie Parkers’ coats are hand-picked with style and durability in mind. Today’s world is filled with mass-produced fast products. Not Charlie Parkers’ coats! Time, love and care goes into every item we create.

Kelly the founder grew up in Yorkshire, UK, this is where the love for waxed cotton comes from, this is due to the its extremely water-resistant nature and durability. A fabric often used by sailors and farmers in Yorkshire. Waxed Cotton is unique in itself. As the fabric, folds, scuffs with your dog’s wear and marks it gradually add to the character of the coat rather than taking anything away. Treat your coat well and it can outlast many other items in your dog’s wardrobe and the more you use it, the better it looks.

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