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More about FURBUB + CO

FURBUB + CO was founded on a passion for dogs, especially a precious cocker spaniel named “Kobe”. One of the things “Kobe” loves doing is playing with other cocker spaniels at a local cocker spaniel playgroup. It was during these play dates, it became noticeable that there were limited dog accessories that were of high quality, unique and custom designed for dog lovers. Try finding a cocker spaniel amongst a crowd of cocker spaniels, when every dog is adorning the same, run of the mill accessories. It’s no easy feat! This sparked a desire to create dog accessories that are affordable, individualistic and fashionable. After all, there is no better way to show affection and love for your furbabies than by giving them beautiful handcrafted dog accessories that are made with love and care.

FURBUB + CO specialises in macramé dog leashes & accessories that are both stylish and durable. Each macramé dog leash is handmade from the highest quality braided cotton sourced from Poland paired with gold, rose gold, gunmetal or silver adornments. Macramé provides a high level of resistance and sturdiness, while allowing for a range of patterns and production techniques. The dog leashes have been tested on all kinds of furbabies, especially those that love to pull during their walks, to ensure durability and strength. They have also been tested for comfort, taking into consideration both the furbaby and their walker. There are 2 styles of leashes available; a standard dog leash with a hand-held handle, or an over the shoulder handle to allow for a hands-free dog walking experience. Each leash comes with a ring for easy doggie bag attachment. There are various colours to choose from, including custom hand and tie-dye patterns that are both distinctive and unique. Some leashes also use a combination of materials to express your furbaby’s personality and are the perfect accessory for all dog lovers.

Stand out from the crowd, and get your furbaby an amazing leash befitting of their unique personality.

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