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Dana Trijbetz is an intuitive artist, painting from her studio in Sydney. Her original ink paintings are made into Giclée Fine Art Prints on a beautiful textured 100% cotton fine art rag. From brushwork and mark-making, to pots of paints, inks and brushes, Dana’s practice as an artist has become more and more about being in the painting space and being lead by feeling.

Her ink artworks echo a love of black and white photography, carving in strong cast shadows and soft dappled light. There is an expressive and textural quality to them, with a sense of both movement and calm.

After years of painting with a quill, brush and ink, Dana has embarked on a new chapter in her artistic practice. She is working on a collection of abstract acrylic paintings on canvas. These soft artworks in earthy palettes draw inspiration from natural textures, colours and forms. She has loved the way the colours play together, being able to build layers and work with the buttery texture of acrylics. This collection has allowed her the space to lean on art in this chapter of her life.

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