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More about Mochi La Vie

Mochi La Vie is a Japanese themed line of earrings and textile accessories. Maker Kristie “”Misa”” originally started Mochi La Vie during COVID in an attempt to create or learn something each day, using flowers of the season and motifs as inspiration. All items are designed and created from a little apartment in Sydney. Coming from a design background and experience with jewellery assembly, the brand soon evolved from making accessories with every day objects (such as paper), to polymer clay earrings with semi-precious stones such as freshwater pearls.

Best known for the “”Flowers Collection””, this earring series features intricate and detailed earrings with 3D polymer clay flowers completely rolled by hand. An entire collection of earrings made from chiyogami paper, washi and recycled or scrap paper offcuts named the “”Chiyogami Collection”” showcases a colourful array of infinite possibilities of prints and seasons turned into cherry blossom ear studs and dainty floating paper cranes. All earrings other than the “”Classic: Made to Order”” series are one of a kind, not to be remade.

A custom bespoke earring service is available “”omakase”” style. “”Omakase”” is a Japanese menu request for a random or special service/ product, entrusting the final end product at the discretion of the provider’s decision. This is a request based on trust that the provider will produce something they believe fits the customer best. The final product will therefore be a surprise.

Mochi La Vie also has a collection of upcycled vintage kimono silk scarves, hair accessories and masks featuring fabrics made in Japan. All items are created on the first try, and made in mind reducing and towards zero waste. Whether it be a special gift, a travel memento or unique accessory for your outfit, Mochi La Vie welcomes you to their world of colours, patterns and flowers.

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