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More about DMPottery

DMPottery produces ceramic tablewares and feature pieces that bring together a celebration of our unique Australian flora with a love of heritage motifs and bold rich glazes. This fusion results in pieces that have a contemporary design with a hint of nostalgia. You will find 100 year old flannel flower patterns that are sourced from Federation architecture, embossed fishbone fern direct from the garden, scribbly gum wanderings that have found their way onto the surfaces of plates and cups, and simple beautiful colourful wares with an emphasis on form or texture.

Denise McDonald is the person behind this work and has a design degree and ceramics diploma as well as having trained for many years in potteries in England and Australia, including the Traineeship at Dartington Pottery UK. She learnt her craft from the roots up. She uses the time honoured traditional skills of wheel throwing and slab building to hand craft her wares as well as employing new innovative techniques that she has developed and mastered to make art for everyday living. Denise works solo in her small Sydney studio and began DMPottery in 2009. Her training emphasised workmanship and consistency and these are qualities she makes sure to pass on to her customers.

Function is at the heart of DMPottery ceramics. Denise believes her creations are not really complete until they have been put to use in your home (or business). To this end, you will find these durable stonewares comfortable to use and fit for purpose with spouts that pour well, handles that are balanced and glazes that are food safe.

Speaking of glazes, these are developed by Denise and are instantly recognisable as DMPottery. Deep and vivid, designs often feature bold complementary combinations of colour.

Apart from the standard ranges of table and home wares produced by DMPottery, Denise welcomes special requests as well as commissions from restaurants and cafes.

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