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I’m Grace, the founder of The Tea Nomad, a boutique looseleaf tea brand that hand blends uniquely travel- inspired tea brands.

The Tea Nomad is all about indulging a love for travel, and passion for tea. As someone who grew up sipping all sorts of tea all day long, and who also was fortunate enough to have travelled throughout my childhood as well as having lived as an adult, in a few different countries, both tea and travel are a part of my DNA and I started The Tea Nomad as a way to express and share my love for travel, through luxurious tea experiences.

The Tea Nomad creates travel- inspired, looseleaf teas. Each blend is our love letter to a different destination- sometimes a travel memory, sometimes a travel dream. Our experience(or dream) of the sights, scents, tastes and sometimes just the general feel of a place, is what is at the heart of each blend’s creation. We then source and experiment with different looseleaf teas, florals, fruits, herbs and other ingredients sourced from around the world, to try to bring that travel experience to life through our tea blends.

From Sahara to Provence, Maldives to Kyoto- just as travel engages all the senses, we design our teas to be a luxurious, sensory experience. That starts from the moment you see the hand illustrated artwork that adorns our signature copper canisters. Each illustration brings to life the unique story behind each blend, and it was important for us to have packaging that was visually appealing, and conveyed the sense of luxury that we want to share. Your sensory journey continues when you unlock our double lidded canisters, as the scent of the tea wafts through, lingering as you prepare your brew and perhaps shifting as the water is added at the the appropriate temperature to really bring the blend to life. The experience does not end but begins, when you close your eyes and savour that first sip, as it is our hope that our teas also ignite travel dreams and conversations. Perhaps it is your experience of that blend’s destination namesake, perhaps it is dreams of where you’d like to go next, or maybe you’re sharing stories of past adventures.

Everything is consciously, and thoughtfully created and hand blended in small batches from our Sydney studio, for wanderlusters everywhere.

Indulge your wanderlust.

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