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More about garoo

Garoo is a leather accessories brand that combines the laid-back nature and cultural legacy of the founder’s hometowns, Sydney and Barcelona. The natural beauty of these locations inspire them to create minimal and timeless designs.

Committed with the environmental change garoo choose to use locally sourced full-grain veg-tanned kangaroo leather. One of the world’s thinnest but strongest leather ideal to create slim but extremely durable wallets. As kangaroos are indigenous to the Australian landscape they do not rely on the production of grain. This means they are less destructive and have a smaller impact on the environment than other introduced animals.

Two pairs of skilled hands are the main tools they create their wallets with. There are no two equal wallets just as there are no two equal hide pieces. Each leather product tells its own story; it carries the individual scars, wrinkles, scratches and natural markings of the original hide, allowing each owner the privilege of something that is unique, distinctive and exceptional.

Garoo products are carefully designed to achieve simplicity and functionality. The intention of each product is to strip everything down to its essential and omit the excess. They focus on clean lines, composition, right proportion and balance.

Their main product, The Pouch Wallet, is for those who want to experience clever design and slim pockets to help you carry your essentials without the bulk. It features curves and no stitching in a design that is traditional, yet modern and slim.

The Pouch Wallet has the ability to adapt its appearance and tailor it as you like. You can change to a different style, as formal or informal as desired by interchanging the elastic band to a different colour.

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