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Meet Mary and Jonathan – the mother and son duo behind the label Harvest Collection, creating meaningful and original gift range from bags, stationery, wall art, to online art lessons for the young generation!

Starting in 2017, Mary has coupled her design skill with her now 12 year-old son, Jonathan’s neurodiverse creativity. Her watercolour paintings mainly feature the botanical designs in nature whilst Jonathan’s illustrations tell stories of things that are meaningful for him and other children. His works have won some recognitions in several art events around Australia from the Hills Council, the Autism CRC, the Sydney Children’s Hospital Art program and the Sydney Partnership for Better Health Symposium.

Their artworks are transformed into beautiful everyday things which make wonderful and unique gifts. Their art prints are customizable for many important occasions such as wedding, memorial keepsake, new homes, christening, appreciation gifts, and so much more.

Mary also believes in providing quality and longlasting products, therefore their bags are made to endure tough usage and last many years.

This duo absolutely love what they do – creating artworks that tell the story of hope and possibilities through their products, especially for those living with disability. By being intentional to focus on their gifts, they form a positive partnership to build a life of purpose. And even more, they hope to inspire you to find your own unique gifts, nurture it and live your best life.

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