Gaia Tree

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More about Gaia Tree

Gaia Tree is all about wholesome vegan sweet treats that bring together intriguing flavour combinations for a guilt-free yet absolutely decadent experience.

Our belief is that the food you eat must be good for you and full of natural and wholesome ingredients. This is what Gaia Tree is all about. Our products only use ingredients that are true to their natural state. In other words, with minimum processing and containing no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and numbers.

The company has been founded by Gayithri who has grown up with a real passion and love for food, but somehow found herself in the corporate world. After 13 years she found her true calling and left the corporate world to start Gaia Tree. Her mission was to solve the problem of the 3pm craving that we all fall pray to and end up making unhealthy choices often full of refined sugars and trans fats. She wanted to take the guilt out of it – and that is how “”Blind Dates”” came about – our very first product that is an indulgent hand-made chocolate square made of dates, almonds and cacao (fairtrade & sustainably sourced) containing no refined sugars, no gluten and no processed ingredients.

The Gaia Tree range has since expanded to include candied nuts, cookies, hot choc mixes and much more.

Gaia Tree has got your snack time covered!

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