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Meet Cecilia, Samantha, and Cynthia. These three women are making ethnically inspired art that brings the Mapuche culture from Chile to you. Their distinct line of ‘slip cast’ ceramics are not only beautiful but have proven to be an endlessly creative way to share their heritage.

Oditi Designs is a family-owned business focused on crafting high-quality homewares and collectibles. Founded in Sydney in 2018, Oditi’s team of artisans and designers includes Cecilia, the primary ceramicist and artist, Samantha, the marketing and social media manager, and Cynthia, the stylist and manager of the business.

Oditi Designs’ unique collections of masterfully crafted and painted ceramic products include mugs and vases to dishes, earrings, planters and more.

All Oditi’s ceramics are made using the ‘slip casting’ method, which forgoes the use of plaster moulds to create incredible shapes and styles. However, what really makes these ceramics unique is the influence of the Mapuche women of Chile, who would make clay vessels that mimicked the female form. The vessels were gifts to women to celebrate the rites of passage for a girl becoming a woman, a woman becoming a mother, and a woman when she passes away.

The influence of the Mapuche women is most evident in Oditi’s striking ceramic dolls, highlighted with intricately hand-painted sculptures to resemble everyone from pop culture heroes to art icons.

The strong family bond between the three women allows Samantha, Cynthia, and Cecilia to continue learning from one another, sharing stories, and laughing.

Aside from their commitment to each other, the ladies have also committed to the environment, ensuring they minimise their carbon footprint through responsible production.
Moreover, no aspect of the process is outsourced to third parties. Everything is handmade in Cecilia’s home studio in the Macarthur Region of Sydney, Australia.

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